Bunker Survey

We have a trained team ready to attend your needs on Bunker Surveys.
We perform Remaining On Board surveys (ROB) carried out for determining the quantity of Fuel Oil and Diesel Oil remaining on board a ship, at the time of delivery or re-delivery and Bunker Quantity Surveys (BQS) that are carried out to ascertain fuel and diesel delivered quantities from barge to ship and report any possible shortages, also we perform 221B Survey also know by Bunker Spot Survey, is not unusual to find more fuel oil board than quantities declared by the vessel on the log book, for that reason our surveyors are fully trained and approved in Liquid Cargo Surveys by Lloyd’s Maritime Academy in order to do our best in each job assigned.

  • During Supply
  • ROB Certifcate
  • Sampling Survey
  • Lab analysis
  • Ship to ship Survey (STS)